Get your business visible to our users with Wandering Tail company portal.

Deliver your messages to the customized user segments.

You will get your business visible to all Wandering Tail smart phone app users with Wandering Tail for Companies portal.

Your business will have it's own marker in the WT map and all app users can see your profile page with your contact information and other important details about your business.

You can update your own information whenever you want and keep the people up to date. Our service also works with companies with multiple offices.

As a Wandering Tail for Business user you'll open a new way to communicate directly to dog people. Portal makes it possible for you to send messages, coupons and commercials directly to audience of your choice. Our portal allows you to segment users with different modifiers like dog breed or place where they live.

We will be adding more segmentation possibilities to our system in the future.

Some of the upcoming features include "liking" of companies and regular customer lists.

By joining Wandering Tail for Companies service you will get access to your own www-based portal.

-Access to WT for Companies portal.
-Your own control page for your company and your offices.
-Industry specific map markers.
-Possibility to update your business information.
-Control panel for your own offices.
-Messaging system directly to WT app users.
-System for building customer messages and choosing target segments.
-Possibility to segment your customers with different modifiers.
-WT currency system for payments. It can be used to send messages or add new business locations. There won't be any surprise costs.
-WT  currency is bought via trusted payment systems with verification.
-Scalable pricing for the different needs of different companies.

Starter package for 249 € + vat.

Register and join the dog community.

Be visible and you'll be found!

Starter package includes:

Registration as user.
Own portal.
1 business location in WT map.
200 customer messages.