How the app actually works.

To get started:

1. Download the app
2. Fill the information of the owner and the dog
- And you're ready!

Map screen.

Wandering Tail is an interactive app (Android and iOS) designed for every dog and their owner, which includes a global map and its users' profile cards as well as their subscribed outdoor places (forest trails, dog parks, dog-friendly swimming spots, meadows, mountains, valleys, etc.). The app works anywhere in the world, in places where you have a working Internet connection and the phone's location service enabled.

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This is your main screen.

It shows you where you are and it tells you where the outdoor locations and the dog related companies are located in the map.

You can tap any of the markers to open a detailed info screen.

All the different type of locations and different type of businesses have their own unique location markers. Outdoor locations have green markers, businesses have blue.

While the map mode is active. Your location is constantly updated so it's easy to know where you are. Blue dot in the map tells where you are.

You can update your position and center the map to your current location by pressing the "crosshair" symbol in the upper right corner.

From "Plus" symbol, you can open a form to add a new outdoor location. App adds the location in to your exact position. You can't remotely tag locations.

Going out -button, let's you inform your friends that you are going out and want a friend.

This is your side menu.

It allows you to navigate in the app.

Big circle on top of the menu is your activity and progress meter. It shows your activity and rank as a user. It tells you how many points do you have and how many points you need for the next level.

Map: Opens up the map screen.

My dogs: It has your dog(s) information card and possibility to add a new dog if your pack of dogs expands.

My friends: Here is the list of your dogs friends. (Adding new friends happens easily by pressing a "like" on the chosen dog´s information screen card.) You can find friends just like dogs do. By actually meeting them in one of the WT's locations.

Favorite locations: Here you find your list of your favorite outdoor places (adding new favorite locations happens by pressing "like" on the location`s information screen card).

Messages: Your received messages from WT-business companies.

Owner information: Your basic information.
You can change your personal information and language settings from here.

Feedback: We offer you a fast way to send us feedback.

Logout: Signs you out.

Side menu.

Wandering Tail- application allows you to see in advance for example, if some other WT users are going to your nearest dog park soon, or if they are already there. Just by opening the dog park´s location card. This can help you choose suitable outdoor spots, companions and time to be there. When you add your dog´s friends to a buddy list, you will see where they are, if they are on-line, marked on the map´s outdoor locations. The app does not inform other users of your presence elsewhere, only in those outdoor places which are marked in the map.

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Location card

Each Wandering Tail user can make new location cards on the map. Outdoor activities with your dog can be an experience, especially when you find a new beautiful place! Also traveling (both domestically and abroad) may be easier with the application, if there is already marked places. Wandering Tail is easy to use, and making those location cards can become a nice hobby, and one get to enjoy the company of his dog and the fresh outdoor air. For free.

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This is the location information screen.

Location information screen tells you details about that specific area:

Description and the map symbol of the location.

What kind of terrain it is.

Estimated distance from the main road.

Estimated size of the area.

Is it nearby residences and does it have space for parking.

From the tabs you can browse locations:

Possible user ratings and comments. You can also rate or comment the location.

Possible other Wandering Tail dogs present in the same area from the "dogs" tab.

Uploaded images of the location.

If you want to inform the other users that you are going to location, you can do it from the "dogs" tab.



This is the dog information screen.

It gives you the following basic information:

Dogs name and possible kennel name.

Breed/ mixed breed.

Age and sex.

WT rank achieved.

If the dog is a *yellow ribbon-dog (may need to be approached with caution).

Owners name and hometown.


You can change your own dogs information and "yellow ribbon" by pressing the "edit" button.

Dog info.

Dogs can be marked with yellow ribbon, which means that the dog needs space. Reasons to use a yellow ribbon may be several: training, bitch in heat, illness, convalescence, fear, or even the fact that the dog does not like other dogs. Yellow ribbon can be put on the dog's information at any time and removed if necessary.

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Location form.

Marking new outdoor locations is quick and easy way to help other users and keep the app alive. Creating new outdoor locations also rewards user with points to advance in WT ranking system. WT ranking system gives you 1 point each time you visit a location new to you and 5 points when you create a new location to the WT map for other users to see.

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Add location form.

You can add new outdoor locations in to WT's map by pressing the "plus" symbol on the map screen.

App automatically sets your location and opens the "new location" form. Location is added in to your current coordinates.

Form is simple and quick to use.

It doesn't allow you to tag locations "remotely".

From camera symbol you can upload a photo for your outdoor location. Photos tell a lot about the location so we really hope that you use that feature.

After that you can enter a name and short description for your  location.

Category defines by which marker your  location is shown in WT's map. You can see different markers from our help page.

After that you can choose how far from the main (dangerous) road your location is and estimate a size for the location.

Three "yes/no" sliders can be used to tell basic information about the location.

Rest of the form contains sliders under "terrain" headline. They are used to tell others what kind of terrain your location is. You can pick several types to help you to describe the area.

When you are ready. Press save and the location will appear to WT's map.

App then adds 5 points to your score for creating a new outdoor place for other WT users.