Icons and symbols used in Wandering Tail application

Map markers.

There are two sets of map markers. Green for outdoor areas, blue for dog related businesses.

Outdoor markers.

Business markers.

Resting place or similar area by the road. Suitable place for a quick stop.

Food and accessories. Pet store or shop that sells food and accessories for dogs.

Offset from the main road. Usually road that takes you little bit further from the main road for a safe stop.

Dog friendly accommodation. Hotel, cabin e.g which accepts pets too.

Outdoor area. Usually larger area to go out with your dog.

Dog friendly restaurant. Restaurant, cafe, bar e.g which allows dogs inside.

Dog park. Usually a fenced area where dogs can run free. Most of them are located in cities. Good places to meet other dogs and their owners.

Daycare for dogs. Daycare and walking services. Pet sitter services.


Housing for dogs. Kennel.

Grooming for dogs. Trimming.

Training services or facilities for dogs.

Vet / animal hospital.

Terrain symbols.

They are used to describe terrain types of different locations. You can see them under locations photo in the detailed location information screen

Field / Plains, open areas.

Forrest. Trees.

Grass. Moss.


Sand. Gravel.


Water. Possibility to swim.