Wandering Tail is an app made for dogs, for their owners and for dog friendly companies.

The app is free to download and free to use.
Its available for iOS and Android.

It's made for all of you.

We made this app so that, even for a brief moment, you might have your life a little bit easier, safer and better.

Go find your happy places, find safe stops in your travels, meet many friends, and find friendly services when you need them.

Together we can make this happen.

Safe journeys.

- Linda -

The world is an adventure!

We can help you to experience it with your best friend. Wandering Tail app shows you different kind of places to go out. It works anywhere in the world and the users can help each other to make it even better.

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The world is an adventure. Experience it with your best friend.

Find the great outdoor areas you never knew about, or turn your regular daily walk into an adventure.

With the app you can find great places and friends. Near and far.

There's someone out there who needs a little help and you can do it!

By working together we can make this world a little better and safer place for all of us.

Anyone of you can help the others just by marking an outdoor area or safe stopping place in to the map.

We can make it!

Anybody who uses Wandering Tail is able to help the others to save the day. You all have your unique skill, your local knowledge. Use it, help the others to find the outdoor places they didn't know that they even existed. App itself has an easy form to fill and to publish a photo about a new WT location created by you. It's possible to make some little dog happy.

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I need a break!

Wandering Tail shows you the places to stop while you travel. The app has detailed information and a photos of the best locations. It's nice to know where you are going to stop. Is it a resting place or a forest road or a field? Can you swim in there? Is there nearby housing? How far is it from the road? What does it look like?

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He wants the safe and friendly stops too while you travel.

Sometimes it's hard to find a decent place for a walk in a strange town.

On a hot summer day, it's nice to know where to stop for a swim.

Together we can change that! You can do all this with the app.

You all know your own neighborhood and it's easy to help others with your knowledge.

Sometimes it would be nice to play with someone.

Sometimes you just want to be alone.

Sometimes you just wish you knew who'd be in the nearest dog park.

Sometimes you would like to have some company.

App lets you to ask for company to go out with and find new friends.

App also sends you friend suggestions from dogs using same outdoorplaces.

You can know what your friends are up to!

Wandering Tail has a feature, which locates you if you are in one of the locations. You'll see right away if there are friends in a nearest dog park or if there's already someone in your next stopping place. It also allows you to tell other users that you are going there. You just might to make new friends if they know where to meet you! When you know, you can also avoid the others if time alone is what you need.

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For the happiness!

Wandering Tail is made for you. To have your lives little easier. Maybe better... Something for you to do, together. We try to make this the best app for dogs and their owners and with your help, we can do it.

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Have fun together!

It is the best therapy there is.

The app encourages you to go out, explorer, have fun together.

It tracks your activity as a user and rewards activity with points.